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Friday, April 20, 2007

Adventures with Joe-Joe

If you haven't enjoyed the company of a 4 year old lately - it's an experience I highly recommend.

Around 4pm yesterday I picked up our grandson, Joe-Joe, from day care (or as he calls it -- his School) and our adventures began.

Joe-Joe was on the playground when I arrived and we needed to say good-bye to all 12 of his 'very best friends' and then get his backpack from his classroom. As we walked down the halls of his 'School' - he demostrated how he can now skip and also walk backwards. These two new talents were attributed to his new shoes, which it seems, only 'big boys' can wear.

On the drive to MoMo and Papa Bill's house -
  • we counted all the red cars and trucks (I think the total was around 18 )

  • waved to any policemen and/or ambulance drivers because, according to Joe-Joe, they are very nice people

  • talked about how dogs and cats don't talk but they can still be your friend and that his dog, Frank, is his very best friend

  • made a deal that this time we wouldn't stop by McDonald's for French Fries and a Coke - but maybe next time we might stop.

After dinner (pizza, fruit and apple juice), the toy box was emptied. All the play tools were put to good use to 'fix' things around the house.
I'm so lucky to have my own little Handy Man around to repair all sorts of things that I didn't even know were broken - he is very talented. Of course, my little Handy Man took a break to play a game that involved Hot Wheels cars, little plastic farm animals, a race track and sound effects - NASCAR could use some of these animals drivers, they all won in their division.
Through all of this my digital camera was put to good use with some pictures taken by me and some taken by Joe-Joe. The feet photograph was taken by Joe-Joe because he thought we needed a shot of MoMo and Joe-Joe's feet -- who knows why, it just struck him as something we needed to do.

After all that excitment, it was time for a bath with more plastic animals and a large boat. We discussed whether or not a dolphin and a 'gator can play together nice in the water or do they need to have 'time out' ?? During all these watery adventures, MoMo sat in the bathroom, knitting while Joe-Joe played until the bath water had cooled. Then, it was out of the tub and into his 'Night-Night' clothes (please notice the Superman undies - they are so cute!).
Now it was time for the 'main event' of the evening: Popcorn and a Movie !!! Both were enjoyed in the middle of MoMo's bed until Mommy arrived to take Joe-Joe home. Our time together ended with lots of kisses and hugs for MoMo and Papa Bill -- and, a promise to come play at his house in 'two more days' !!