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Friday, May 11, 2007

Mom's Hands

My Mom's hands . . . . . they have done many tasks in her almost 82 years.
  • picking cotton and hoeing vegetable gardens as a child in rural Oklahoma
  • standing and holding a small baby on a train as she traveled to see her husband one more time before he shipped out to the Philippines during World War II
  • holding a rivet-gun, as she helped build bombers in a California defense plant
  • painting and wall-papering rooms to make a better home for her family
  • picking and preparing many jars of home-grown fruits & vegetables for her family to enjoy during those cold winter months
  • washing clothes on a wringer washer, and then standing at the ironing board many an afternoon to make sure her family always looked their best
  • mixing, kneading and baking bread that tasted amazing hot out of the oven with fresh churned butter
  • clapping her hands with joy as her first grandchild took his first wobbly baby steps
  • holding a week old great-grandchild this past Christmas -- it was her 14th great-grand!

Mom, I know I thank God for every day I still have your hands to guide me -- through happy times and sad times -- I knew your hands and your love would always been there.

Thank you Mom and Happy Mother's Day !!