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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Quilting Challenges

I've always been drawn to quilts -- never thought I would ever be able to create something beautiful out of fabric and thread. That was for someone with more patience and talent that I possessed. And, then one year, during our lunch hours (our offices were next door to each other), my dear friend Linda taught me to hand piece and hand quilt. We had such fun and even though I only made a little block and my stitches were all over the place -- I really enjoyed the process.

Currently, I have made many baby quilts and lap quilts for family and friends and I still get a kick out of the entire process. You can take up many hours just choosing the block pattern, and then there are all the fabric choices. The most difficult item is the entire process is choosing the time to actually do the piecing/quilting.

Lately, because I've been totally caught up with knitting, my sewing/quilting has been neglected. But that will soon be corrected.

I have decided for my next baby quilt, I would love to try this quilt block -- just to see if I can actually do it -- you see it's a little challenging for someone who is not only left-handed but dyslexic.

I believe this quilt pattern is called 'Broken Path'. The block and is created by sewing three different size circles of fabric in the middle of a 12 inch square of fabric - the circles are placed with the largest on the square first and then sewing the middle size and then the smallest circle on top of each other. All of the circles are sewn on with a 1/2 inch seam allowance and the edges are left raw. After all circles are sew onto the 12 inch square, it is then cut into four pieces and those pieces are then sewn together to form the 'Broken Path'

Whew . . . . . I'm getting confused just trying to explain it !
I think I will either totally love or hate this quilt block pattern --
but, whatever the outcome, it will be an adventure !