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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Roses for Kansas City Girls

We've made a tradition of planting a rose bush for each grandchild. These roses are all for our Kansas City Girls.
Sophia's Rose
For our oldest grand-daughter and KC girl, who will be 10 years old this September; and, is our gymnastic star. A Jackson-Perkins and and I believe the name is "Martha's Vineyard'. Blooms from early spring till frost in clusters of tiny open rose blossoms. Petal colors range from medium bright pink to pale blush pink. This was the first rose bush we planted when we purchased our home and it's now a huge bush, requiring strict pruning twice a year to keep it in controllable boundaries.

Phoebe's Rose
Our second grandchild who will be 5 this December. My son tells me that he pays for his own childhood every day with this little diva! Another Jackson-Perkins rose - Floribunda rose that blooms through the growing season. The roses are are a clear true rose red and have a wonderful scent but very sharp thorns.

Chloe's Rose
This is our youngest KC girl at just over 5 months and her parents are convinced she's one of the best babies in the whole world! For Chloe we chose a little miniature rose in a dark pink with open old-fashioned blooms. It was planted near my much-loved 'Linda' Rose Bush and there it's been sheltered from the elements and has thrived and bloomed tiny little roses.