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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

UFOs and taking the pledge

There comes a time in every crafter/needlewoman's life when she just has to quit saying 'start'
and say - - - 'finish' !

When your UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) are spilling out of tote bags and baskets -- it's time to take the pledge.

Current UFOs starting at 12:00 and going clockwise --

1. Multi-Color Shawl (pink/blue/white): 75% finished, just a little problem of a couple of teeny dropped stitches, need to get my courage up to fix this (and also remember to attempt this in a better light - the old eyes aren't what they used to be!)
Made for me, myself and I (it matches my bedroom).

2. Purple Swiggly Scarf (because that's what I call the yarn - the bands were lost long ago so I just make up names - keeps me entertained): Simple garter stitch and I'm half way through ball No.2, have one more ball to go and will call it finished.
Made to go into gift stash.

3. Pink Baby Hat: knitted flat and then sew together. The picture with the pattern looked so cute, but did not go into the details of many, many 4 rows of knit, 4 rows of purl with size 7 needles and baby yarn.
Made for baby Chloe as newborn -- she's now almost 6 months old -- yep, need to get cracking on this one.

4. Dishcloths - 3 (red, light blue multi, blue/white): really can't count these as UFOs because I always have at least a couple of dishcloths on the needles at all times. It's mindless knitting and heaven knows I need me some mindless knitting most of the time!
Made for me and daughter, Jessika -- no one else in the family seems to appreciate the wonderfulness of hand-knitted dish-cloths.

5. Basic Hat - orange/pink/yellow/green multi: knitting this one just to prove to myself that I can face the dreaded 'double-pointed needles of death' again and survive.
Might be for grand-daughter No.2, Phoebe - or whoever it will fit after I finally get it finished.

6. Multi-Color Shawl (red/purple/orange - I know a very strange color-combination, but it seemed like a good color choice at the time. I think was still on drugs for my cold.)
Made for the Prayer Shawl Ministry at church. Perhaps some little 'Red-Hatter' will need some Red/Purple/Orange comfort !

I pledge to finish these UFOs before starting another project -- I swear I will do this ! (Please don't look behind my back - I think I have my fingers crossed !!)