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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Baskets, Shawls, and quilts . . . O' my !

I can't possibly begin to tell you how wonderful it is to spend one evening a week with some of the most talented and creative people I know --- the women my 'Night Stitchers' group.
At last night's meeting - we saw more hand-made baskets from Nancy - - - some large, some small and some just too cute for words !!!! These baskets are made by wrapping fabric strips around cotton clothes-line and then sewing them together with a zig-zag stitch as you coil the wrapped line. Nancy told us that the large pastel basket was made from some really wild patterned fabric that she really didn't care for -- but, transformed into a basket, it's beautiful. Don't you think Nancy's baskets look like Native American baskets ?

What little one wouldn't like a 'Girly' shawl to wrap up in ? And, the fringe would look so cool when they twirl around. These shawls were made by Jane for her Great-Nieces; and, I'm sure they will be very happy little girls wearing these darling wraps this winter.
This quilt-top is from a pattern I found on this blog, All This By Hand ( ) -- the pattern has been making the rounds on the blogs and I thought Nancy would like it -- she loves patterns with a 'scrappy' look. I emailed it to her on Friday and last night she had a baby quilt top to show us. We were impressed !

Amazing isn't it -- looks so complicated but according to Nancy - it's very quick and easy. The directions are there on the quilt top, which I'm sure no one can read. Basically, the instructions are to make a 9-Patch Block, cut it in quarters and then re-arrange the pieces to create the 'Disappearing 9-Patch Block'

I' was so blown away by this that I started cutting out fabric squares for this block last night !