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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Making good choices . . . . .

My name is Regina - - -
and, I am addicted to soft drinks !
Soft drinks have been a big part of daily routine for most of my adult life. For years, I have started my day with a nice cold can of Diet Coke and indulged my addiction all through the day with many soft drinks.
My friends will tell you, that in the past, I have constantly had either a Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper in my hand and frequently a large Vanilla Diet Coke (easy ice please) from Sonic could be seen openly sitting on my desk at work. I had no shame.
I had a full blow addiction to those wonderful fizzy caffeinated beverages.
But, all that has changed. Starting this week -- I'm trying to seriously cut down on my soft drink consumption. I start my day with coffee (with liberal amounts of French Vanilla creamer) and then move onto to water or some form of iced tea for the remainder of the day. So, far, I've limited my intake to only one soft drink a day.
With those changes in my drinking, it's not been a pretty picture here at work -- my mind has constantly been on when I will be getting my 'one soft drink a day' fix. Also, with all the water and iced green & white tea I've been drinking -- I've been spending a lot of quality time in the ladies restroom.
But, I will do this -- it good for my health and besides it's time I kicked this habit.
Now I just need to ignore all those nice cold Diet Cokes calling my name from the breakroom refrigerator!!