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Monday, October 1, 2007

Quilting Projects - big & little

Baby Biscuit Quilt:
All 64 of the little biscuits have been sewn together -- yesterday afternoon I sandwiched the backing, batting and biscuit top together. The tacking is slow going -- tacking through multiple layers of fabric and batting is hard on the hands and require lots of aspirin, Diet Coke and chocolate.
Baby Charm Pack Quilt
After a false start with the wrong color sashing, this quilt top is finished and waiting to be sandwiched, tacked and bound. Love the colors in this quilt !

Froggy Quilt II:
It seems that Froggy Quilt I is just not big enough for some of Joe's frogs and he requested another quilt -- just a little bigger. This froggy quilt is made entirely of fabric scraps. Here's the front --
and the back --
I'm always surprised at the variety of fabric scraps I've got hidden away and it's like a walk down 'memory lane' seeing bits and pieces from quilts I've made in the past. Time spent to finish on this project - 2 hours. A nice break from my other projects and I think Joe (and his frogs) will love it !