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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The world outside

Lately I seem to always be in constant motion.

Rushing here
Driving there
Fighting traffic
Juggling work / home / life

Forgetting to take the time to see the world outside -- because for most of us this is our view of that world outside --

A blur -- a view out-of-focus.
I don't know about anyone else -- but, perhaps it's time for me to stop, 're-focus' --
to realize that there is a world out there -- filled with wonders/miracles both large and small.
To stop being so 'busy' with life -- that I forget to experience life fully.
Here's to at least easing up a bit -- rolling down the windows -- enjoying the view in sharper focus -- taking some deep breaths of the world outside.
I'm pretty sure it will put a smile on my face and lower my blood pressure.
Try it -- you might even enjoy it a little !!!