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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Memories on my tree . . . .

The year was 1971 and I was very pregnant with my first child. One day early in December, I walked to the post office and found a Christmas card from my oldest sister and in that card were her wishes for a Merry Christmas and a tiny stocking. I was so pleased with that little sock that I immediately hung it on our Christmas tree -- and, on the 27th of December our first child, a son and an almost Christmas baby, was born.

A few years later I had another December baby, a daughter, born on December 18th to be exact. The following December, 1977, I remember pushing my almost year old little girl in an 'umbrolla-stroller', down the aisle of The Brown Paper Bag -- when I spotted a tree trimmed with wooden ornaments. As we got closer to the tree, my babe reached out for those ornaments and I knew I had to have a few for our tree. Some of the ornaments were very bright and colorful like the castle in the above picture. And, others were made of un-painted wood as you can see by the tiny airplane.
These ornaments show signs of wear -- of being stored away most of the year -- but, they all hold sweet memories for me.