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Monday, March 3, 2008

The change of 'Seasons' can be exciting if you are a weatherman

One of the things I like most about life on the southern plains is that we actually have a change of seasons. From Summer Heat to Crisp Fall to Winter Cold to Mild Spring -- just don't like having a selection of those seasons occur in a little over 24 hrs !!
Yesterday was mild and if there had not been the wind blowing a gale -- it would have been down-right warm. But, all in all, it was a pretty good day until around 6:10pm -- that's when the first blast of high winds and rain hit -- then the hail and lightning -- and, then the sirens began to sound. A small tornado blew through the city, just south of downtown -- tearing down signs and blowing shingles and metal all over. Some of the storm-spotter were calling this a 'gust-nado' and there is a debate this morning as to whether there was ever a tornado at all. Whatever it was -- the whole event made for an exciting evening for our local 'weather-wizards' -- they got to use all their fancy new software and then go to 'live shots' with reporters and storm-chasers in the field talking about blowing rain and the dangers of driving in this weather -- which made we viewers wonder ' just who was driving them around in all that rain/wind' ??
But, that was last night -- this morning was a totally different story indeed !!

Snow on my windshield at 7:45am -- and, we are expected to receive at least 3-4 inches by nightfall here in the OKC metro area and more than that in the Panhandle.

Was it just last Friday when I was thinking Spring was in the air ??