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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Different levels of 'chores'

Housekeeping -- keeping things neat & tidy -- de-cluttering : all of the above phrases are the necessary evils of maintaining a home or garden.
Some of those chores I don't care for -- but they must be done:
washing dishes, ironing, laundry, scrubbing toilets.
Even if these are not pleasant tasks -- you do have a feeling of accomplishment when they are done and you have a clean/orderly home.
But, some chores are on a different level all together -- like gardening. Working in the dirt is not only good for your flowers/vegetables but also good for you too. Getting your hands in the soil -- your feet (and other parts) wet as your water those thirsty plants -- having sore muscles at the end of a day spent in the garden -- all of these feed your soul and lift your spirits (even though we may have to reach for the aspirin or the Icy-Hot cream before we go to bed).
Gardening, for me -- is less of a chore and more of a blessing.
This past Sunday I worshiped in a 'cathedral of roses' --
and, for every fading bloom I clipped --
I thanked God --
for this marvelous gift of gardening that connects me to the earth --
and, to Him.