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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Stormy Weather

Yesterday afternoon we had some typical spring weather -- blowing rain, hail, high winds and just for some extra added excitement: 4 small twisters dropped in for a quick visit.

The twisters stayed north of our little house - skipping across the west side of OKC. Rain-filled roses and water-logged begonias were the only damage we could find at our place --

But, many north and west of us were much less fortunate.

Damage to the park at NW 50th & Meridan --the high winds/twisters torn stripped the trees, leaving limbs/leaves covering the streets and grounds.

With so much rain prior to the storms, some trees also were uprooted & tossed around -- and when buildings, overhead wires, and gas meters were in their path -- it got messy (and I'm sure very expensive).

At one point, a large area of the city had their power turned off due to the threat of explosion because of leaking natural gas meters.

We are due more storms tonight and then a little lull before another round hits us early next week.

Yes, it's spring on the southern plains and Mother Nature is showing off !