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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cruise Snapshots:: Part I

It was beautiful evening for our cruise -- clear skies and a light breeze. While we waited to board our boat, we toured the adjacent Chesapeake Boathouse.
We saw some rowers* getting their boat out of the water -- two young women who were more than happy to chat while they cleaned their boat. They told us, if we were interested, to take a look inside the Boathouse.
Wow -- just take a look at all those boats -- and some of them were over 20 foot long!
After our peek inside the Boathouse, the whistle sounded to let us know our boat -- The Pioneer -- was pulling into the dock. I'll try and post more cruise snapshots tomorrow.
* Is 'rowers' even a word -- have no idea the correct title/name. If anyone out there knows, please clue me in -- because I really want to know more about this fascinating/graceful sport.
P.S. I know I said that cruise pictures would be posted on Monday but it's been a hectic/crazy couple of days and when I started this post -- I thought it was Tuesday -- and, that I was only a day late !!