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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No pictures -- just wonderful memories !

I will apologize first - - - -
No pictures were allowed at the Chris Botti concert --- so, no pictures to share. I did play around with the idea of snapping a shot of the Civic Center from the outside --- but, a little thing called 'wind chill' changed my mind in a hurry. Officially the wind chill temps that night were in the teens with a brisk north wind whipping my scarf around as we walked to 2 blocks from the parking lot to the civic center. We were frozen by the time we got inside.
But, the concert it was so worth all the cold. Our seats were in 9 rows from the stage. The music was amazing and watching the musicians up close was a treat for my former jazz drummer Hubby. As an encore -- Chris Botti had all the microphones turned off, walked up the middle aisle and played "It's Three in the Morning' -- an old Sinatra standard. It was just the mellow tones from his horn -- playing to the audience. And, we were just 6 feet away !! A truly wonderful memory to cherish.
Note: I do have pictures to share tomorrow -- think very white and very cold !!