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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm ready for a change . . .

Something bright and colorful to look at for a few weeks. And despite the fact that our local weather wizards are calling for snow this weekend -- I'm in the mood for spring.
Spring colors, flowers , attitude.
This past Friday, when choosing fat quarters for Sew Mama Sew's -- it was the pale greens, clear yellows and soft pinks that caught my eye -- not the dark reds or blues. The trees are budding out and every morning I'm checking the progress of my daffodils -- there are even new leaves all over my rose bushes.
Change is coming. And yes -- I believe I'm ready for a it.
A change from winter to spring -- for cloudy overcast skies to give way to sunny cloudless days. For the sweaters & boots to be replaced by light-weight cottons and flip-flops. Change from sewing flannel pj pants to perhaps little sun-dresses in gingham-checks.
So, Mother Nature do your thing - just try to do it without many more thunderstorms - OK ??!!