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Friday, February 27, 2009

What the . . . . .

Two things come to mind when I look at this picture:

  • How did the model keep a straight face as she was walking down the runway ??

  • Does this designer have some unresolved issues concerning his mother's handbag ??

O' come on -- you do know this had to be designed by a man.

Because a female designer would have at least made the bag functional. And, wouldn't it be handy to have a bag that could be perched on your head -- for all those times when you need both arms/hands available. For example -- when you are juggling a squirming child, carrying three bags of groceries and trying to unlock a door or chasing after a small child running with scissors or trying to avoid an attack by alien beings. A 'perch-able' handbag would just the thing to save the day -- and, you would be making such a fashion statement too !

This is probably my first and last post about New York Fashion Week.