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Friday, March 27, 2009

Good weekend for staying inside . . . .

So far the 'stuff' that's falling out of the sky is in liquid form. But, that will change sometime this evening; and, according to our local 'weather wizards' -- we will have up to 6 inches of snow by noon tomorrow with low temps over the weekend in the teens. A realy big/bad winter storm in spring -- a bit of unexpected weather !
In my garden, the daffodils, pansies are in bloom -- all of my rose bushes are loaded with buds -- the day lilies and iris plants are up about 18 inches. So, I'll be out this afternoon, in the wet stuff, covering what I can and hoping for the best.
Soon, the snow will melt and plants/blooms that were nipped by the cold will come out again. Spring will return. And, if I look for it -- I will find a bright side to this unexpected weather. Tomorrow I can can make a big pot of chili, watch a movie or two and do a bit of sewing on those 'biscuits'. And, that's not a bad plan for a weekend at all !!