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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Biscuit Quilt Construction - Part I

Begin by cutting two different size squares of fabric: top (print fabric) is 6 inches / bottom (white muslin) is 5-1/2 inches. Cut 64 of each

To begin sewing, place printed fabric square on muslin bottom square, aligning the corners - you will need to take a tuck or pleat on each side to make it work.
Sew three sides of the biscuit, using a scant 1/4 inch seam allowance.
After you have sew three sides of the biscuit, (and the biscuit is still on the machine) stuff the biscuit with a small amount of poly-fil stuffing. Remember that you don't want the biscuit tightly stuffed - these little biscuits will be all sewn together and it's much easier if they are lightly stuffed (and, I learned this the hard way --- trust me - do not over stuff! )

Arrange your biscuits in whatever pattern you want -- or in a 'no pattern/scrappy look' (my personal favorite) and begin sewing into rows. Then stitch all those rows together to form the top of your biscuit quilt.

Making a Biscuit Quilt isn't hard at all - but, it is a little 'fiddly-fussy'. Just take your time and go slow.
Coming Soon !
Biscuit Quilt Construction - Part II ::
Making a quilt 'sandwich' and tacking it all together.