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Friday, April 10, 2009

Fact of life

Acres of dry grass and cedar trees
Very low humidity
Southwest winds gusting at 50 mph
40-50 Fire Depts dispatched

Hundreds of homes lost
Whole communities evacuated

Grass fires are a fact of life here on the Southern Plains -- along with tornadoes, floods and ice storms. We Oklahomans are children of the prairie; and, over the years, one thing we've have learned is this: with our faith in God and the help of family, friends, and neighbors-- we will survive.
And, if you would take a few moments today to say a prayer for all those affected by the fires -- it would be greatly appreciated.
Note: As you can see by the cell phone close at hand in the picture above -- our family is still waiting on news of family/friends homes and livestock in southern Oklahoma.