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Friday, June 12, 2009

In the park . . . .

Every Thursday evening, throughout the summer, our local Chamber of Commerce sponsors 'Concerts in the Park'. There's live music for your listening pleasure, hotdogs and cold drinks for sale -- and lots of dogs and children.
Everyone has a great time no matter what your taste in music may be -- one week it might be hard core Country/Western -- the next week Goldie-Oldies -- or even Jazz Fusion. Whatever the music -- it's fun to sit back in a lawn chair, enjoy the band and people watch ( or doggy watch, as the case may be).

Such a cute little female pug -- she was very interested in the dog on the next row. The Lab-mix in the picture below was so happy to greet anyone who happened to pass by - such a friendly tail-wagging guy.

All of the dogs were very well-behaved -- but, these two were just sweethearts. Bull Mastiffs - Daisy on the left and Boomer on the right. So calm and laid-back. After permission from the owner, I had a chat (and a cuddle) with Daisy -- I think she would have followed me home because I found just the right spot for a good scratch (behind her ears). Don't they both look like they are smiling ? I believe they enjoyed the music -- or maybe it was the doggy treats their owner was handing out !