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Monday, June 29, 2009

This & That

Grandson Joe's set of summer pj pants with matching tops -- or 'comfy clothes' as he calls them. Finished a couple of weeks ago -- now I'm working on summer shorts for his little sister.

Scooby Do pjs because our Little Guy loves that pooch. And, a pair of tropical sunset pjs for Joe's trip to Florida with his Daddy's parents. And, Rt 66 pjs - the fabric even had an 'Oklahoma' on it so I bought a yard of it -- now, I have a bit left over for a new tote bag. Which is a good thing because I just bought the pattern for Alicia Paulson's "Jane Market Bag' - check it out at Posie Gets Cosy over at This just might be my '4th of July' weekend project. Heaven knows, it's going to be too hot to do much more than stay inside and sew (or watch movies or knit).
Our two cats, Muffin (AKA The Terminator) and Libby (AKA Libby LouLou). This is a rare sight at our house. Muffin doesn't allow Libby to share this rug in the entryway that often; and, even though Libby out weighs her by a good 10 pounds, Muffin is the Boss of the house! Maybe it has something to do with age -- Muffin is the grand old age of almost 19 years old -- while Libby is a mere 4 years old.

Spotted in the parking lot of our local library. If you look close -- you will see that this VW Bug is sporting a 'rhinestone' frame for her tag. Now tell me, how 'girly' is that !!