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Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Read(s) :: Mixed Bag

I love to read -- Fiction, Non-Fiction --- Historical novels, Bodice-ripping Romance --- SciFi & Fantasy. Bring em on and I'll get em read!
Over the years, I've tended to place books into categories (and, for me, there are many categories). There's a large basket beside my bed, filled with books from at least 3-4 of the categories (I try my best to be democratic in choice of my books). I've recently completed books from 3 categories and am recommending them all as a 'mixed bag' of Good Reads. I'll let you decide what category fits which book:
  1. 'mind valium books' - a little something to slow down my thoughts just before I turn out the light.
  2. 'read & learn books' are like great teachers, they flesh out history and make it come alive.
  3. 'never want it to end books' that take you to another world/time/place -- with a story so entertaining that you read far too late into the night.