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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Keeping Busy

While it's hot outside -- I've been busy inside under the wonderful central air conditioning. Here in Oklahoma, it's a necessity not a luxury.
There's been a little sewing going on -- 3 more Bandana Skirts. They are like potato chips, you just cannot stop at one -- and, they are so darn cute.

A few 'Pennie Pockets' were sewn (via the Happy Zombie's blog - it's a free download)-- a sort of 'origami' type pattern. You just need to follow the directions -- not think too much and it magically turns into a neat little pocket ! Try it out for yourself and then see the reference to 'potato chips' above -- it also applies to this pattern.

And, over the past week, I've been very busy with the book pictured above. It's the first official 'Good Read' for the month of August --'The Time Traveler's Wife: A love story with a 'twist' and I was hooked from the first page - which led to couple of late night reading sessions to get to the end of the story. But it was so worth it.

What's keeping you busy this summer ??