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Friday, September 18, 2009

Good 'Read/Listen'

I have long been a fan of Pat Conroy --
His books 'speak' to me on so many levels. For me, the books read like poetry, with sentences that are beautiful and lyrical as they weave their storylines together.  But, until now I've never 'heard' one of his stories read to me.  Never listened to the soft southern drawl of the narrator leading you from the year 2009 and into the world of Charleston, SC in the early sixties.  And, like the turbulant 60's - there's much more going on than appears on the surface.  By the end of chapter one -- I was hooked.  And, I'm being stingy with this audio-book. Only listening to it during my commute to/from work.  You see, I want my visit to 'South of Broad' to be a long as possible. 

O' and I have done a bit of sewing this week.  The two grandbabes here in town needed some 'Game Day' pj pants to watch the OU this weekend.   Boomer Sooner !!!!