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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Symbols & Seasons

September is almost over - the mornings are starting to have a little 'crisp' to them.  Almost every store you pass by has mums for sale. Pumpkins are starting to appear in produce sections all over town.  On Friday nights I can see the lights at the football field 4 miles south of our house -- and, it makes wish I could hear the marching bands playing and smell the popcorn. I love this time of year.  The sounds, the smells, the colors of Autumn -- so very glad it's almost here. 

Picture above is of the one and only bloom my Passion Flower Vine produced this year.  It bloomed last week -- looking like something strange and alien, unfolding it's bright purple petals along my front porch -- a last hurrah of the summer's finery. 

This week's bedtime reading - Dan Brown's new book.  Kept me interested and page-turning right up the end.  And, I'll never end another letter with the word 'Sincerely' without thinking of this book.  A definite 'Good Read' !