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Friday, October 23, 2009

You can't make just one . . . . .

Nothing much was on television Wednesday night (or at least not much that I was interested in anyway) -- this led to some time in my little sewing corner. My crafting/sewing journal was consulted for measurements and ideas (from bags made for the KC girls last year) -- some were rejected, others were implemented.

An hour later I had these two Trick or Treat bags to show for my time/effort.    The Transformer bag on the left is for Joe and measures approx 11"x11". The leopard-print bag on the right is for Laney and measures approx 9"x9".  Both bags were lightly quilted using a fusible fleece as backing, the linings are Halloween prints -- everything thing was from my stash!

Such fun making these little bags -- and, very addictive too !
I've already got plans to make at least two more.