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Friday, March 30, 2007

Surprises: the ugly & the bad

Spring is a mixed-bag on the Southern Plains -- like most of the country, we are seeing trees with new green leaves, flowers bursting into full bloom -- the entire landscape in a state of renewal.

But, here in 'Tornado Alley' -- we also are hosts to another (unwelcome) sign of spring --
Yesterday afternoon at 4:15 pm CST, a fast moving 'wall clouds' producing series of small (and in some cases, deadly) tornadoes and they left their mark on the state:
  • 2 people died in Beaver County and many more were injured
  • scores of houses were either totally blown away or suffered damage: from entire roofs peeled away -- to just a few shingles blown off.
  • 6 or more vehicles were blown off the 'K' turnpike, including an 18-wheeler with two trailers
  • huge electric towers were blown down for over a 3 mile area which meant that the turnpike is closed until they can be removed/repaired

Spring Surprises like these can test your spirit - but, we children of the prairies have have learned that life does go on even after being 'surprised' (bad or good) -- over and over again.

That houses can be re-built -- electric poles repaired/replaced -- friends & loved-ones cared for or prayerfully laid to rest.

I think 'surprises' can make us stronger -- able to bend with changes -- like the trees here on the southern plains. We might be leaning from the constant winds/surprises/life - but, our roots are deep and we can still hold our faces to the sun when the clouds roll on.

Personal Note: LLB, the rainy commute picture is for you