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Friday, March 30, 2007

Surprises of the good variety come my way . . .

We all know that life is full of surprises – some of the every day type, like finding a parking space close to your favorite store -- some of the scary type, such as the surprises we had yesterday.

Here in Oklahoma, surprises like yesterday come with -- wind and rain / damage and destruction -- these surprises will make you want to run and hide in a ‘Fraidy Hole’.

But some surprises are the good type, they can bring a smile to your face and sometimes tears of joy to your eyes

Yesterday after all the stress of the ‘rainy day commute’ into work – the 1st twister of the season – the ‘rainy day commute – part II ’ on the way home. I arrived at my house and found a package, delivered by the USPostal Service (by golly, they really do deliver in rain/hail/wind/wild dogs/bad hair day/ etc. . . . ) -- the package held a very good type surprise!

Inside the package were gifts prettily wrapped and labeled: three books (which will be detailed in a later post) and this little bag:

The card says:


A Heart for love

A Peace Sign for hope

An Acorn for a long and healthy life

An Angel to watch over you

The World, because it's future is in your hands

When I opened this bag and these symbols spilled out into my hand, it touched my heart and made me remember the person who sent these gifts. She is so very dear to me and constantly amazes me with her spirit and her joy for life - we could all take lessons from her.

I plan on choosing one of these small symbols to carry with me each day as my mood or needs direct -- today I've got the Heart safely tucked in my pocket.

Thank you LLB -- you are the best !!!