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Monday, April 2, 2007

Rainbows / Knitting / Little Boy

Picture 1: Friday afternoon, after another 'rainy day commute' home on flooded streets. Just at sunset, the skies cleared and presented us with this -- a beautiful double rainbow spanning the entire horizon. Pictures (and I took many shots trying capture the brilliant colors) just don't do it justice - it was breath-taking ! What a welcome sight after so many deary-grey days.
Picture 2: My current knitting obsession - a 'Scrappy Shawl' made of yarns of all sorts, thick-thin. Such fun to just reach into my knitting basket and add another stripe of color/texture. Great TV knitting - it's all plain garter stitch with a yarn-over used as the increase stitch (size 11 circulars) -- sort of like using just 1/2 of the 'Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth' pattern -- but, every addictive as you can see in . . . . .
Picture 3 - a new scrappy shawl began using lots of white, blue, pink. I'm not going to even mention the scrappy shawl in red/purple/orange - in progress that appeared over the weekend - I swear, it's aliens doing all this shawl knitting !
Picture 4: Grandson (JW) in bath tub with an assortment of critters to keep him company. He spent the evening with us while Mommy/Daddy were out for dinner and a movie with friends. After bath-time, we had our own movie to watch (Happy Feet -- who knew disco music was making a come-back ?!) and popcorn to munch. Grandchildren are so much fun !