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Friday, April 13, 2007

A blankie, a bunny, a book, and Papa Bill

We all have our own definition of security.

When we were younger, being or feeling secure was very elemental. There may have been monsters under the bed or in the closet -- but hopefully, there were also grownups to chase away those imaginary (but very real to us) threats to our security.

And, after the monsters were dealt with, the growups would tuck us in with with hugs and goodnight kisses along assurances that they would always been near. They also would leave with us some of our favorite things to keep us company – and those little things, and the memories they represented, would make us feel safe and secure.

The comfort and security to counter all those 'monsters-under-the-bed' in a child's life can be chased away by the people and things in their life that give them comfort. For a small child –comfort can mean gathering their favorite things together, and listening to their 'most special' book being read to them for the umpteenth time by a parent or grandparent.
This is simple thing -- reading to a child, can make a memory --
and that memory can give comfort and security for a lifetime --
to both the child and the adult.
Here's hoping that you have your favorite things about you this weekend and someone to share them with.