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Monday, April 30, 2007

Sewing Critters

Recently I spent a quiet Saturday piddling in my sewing corner -- It's really just a corner because I share the room with a full drum set and a stereo system -- and that, I'm sure, will be the subject of future posting.

Back to the sewing corner -- Most of the day I sorted fabric, cleaned and tidied up my sewing tools and re-organized un-finished projects. All this sorting and organizing has been supervised by the little critters shown in this picture.

'Kitty' is my favorite pin cushion, she's been with me through many sewing 'adventures' (you know that kind - 'it's late a night and you have just sewn the last strip in a lap quilt that's due tomorrow and you notice that you've stitched the strip to the wrong side' - this is when there's no one to hear you mumble all those words you really can't say aloud, except for your loyal sewing critters.

The little sewing box is a brand new addition, a gift from a sister 'Stitcher' who knows I love whimsy. This little box may be a a newbie to my sewing corner, but I'm sure she will be very helpful on many future projects. She's looks very wise.

While sorting and 'petting' my fabric stash, I've noticed the following:
  1. I don't seem to be able to function without at least 5 or 6 'works-in-progress' You would think it would totally bug me and keep me awake at night - but, no -- they still reside in their project bins, just patiently waiting for me to return someday.
  2. I also apparently have an obsession with Christmas fabric. As soon as the new Santa or Snowman or Gingerbread prints come out -- a yard of each magically appears in my stash. I'm telling you, someone is getting a Christmas lap quilt this year.
  3. I seem to have a very large bag of quilting scraps - most of these scraps of fabric could be used as a bikini by those French women on the Riviera. But, I still can't stand to part with them -- surely there's has to be some quilt pattern out there for this bag of fabric pieces?
  4. And, I didn't think it was possible to have this much fusible interfacing and batting -- an entire large trash bag -- wait a minute -- maybe I could fuse the tiny scraps into larger pieces . . . . .