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Friday, May 4, 2007

Road Trip

Although I live in the center of our state, in the capitol to be exact -- I grew up in small community located in the south/central part of the state -- approximately 2 hours south of Oklahoma City.

It's a very small town of just over 1,000 citizens. The main street, as with many small towns, is not what it was when I was younger -- but, the little town has survived and is a curious mixture of old and new.

The Eck Pharmacy on Main Street has been there since I was a small child and Mom's Minute Mart is still a good place to get a great fountain Coke and a peanut patty made by the Ada Candy Company.

But, at the other end of Main Street there's a new Subway, just across from the Baptist Church -- I hear they do very well after service on Sundays. At the far south end of Main Street there's a new Family Dollar Store next to the Nursing Home, just across the street from The Dollar General and down the street from the IGA Grocery Store and the Sonic Drive-In.

We (my family on both my Daddy or Mom's side) are either related to most of the people in the community or have known the other families for so many years, that we might as well be related.

All this information is leading a this -- My black PT Cruiser and I are heading south for a little Road Trip. I've packed my clothes, shoes, makeup, yarn, books on CD and a pot of shamrocks for my brother (more about that later).

This afternoon, I'll make a 'pit-stop' for a Vanilla-Diet Coke at Sonic, pop a book on CD in my player and I'll be on my way !