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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Flowers, Fresh Eggs and a Big Red Truck

After a morning 'junking' through assorted garage and estate sales -- Mom, Sue and I needed some therapy of the floral variety. We made a stop at the Main Street flower market, browsing through the bedding plants and hanging baskets. This is a picture of Mom and Sue buying more plants for their flower beds and inside Mom picked up a dozen fresh eggs the market owner sells for a local farmer. Before we left, we were all invited to the lot at the back of the store to see the owners personal garden, with the rows vegetables all in raised beds. He told us he will be selling fresh okra all summer, yum !!

After our visit to the flower market, we stopped by my brother, BZ's, house to check out his latest project. He has been working on his Master Gardener Certificate and decided that his community service project would the the park across the street from his house.
This little park has a small pond and a large grassy area but no landscaping. My brother has been busy moving in large boulders along the edge of the grassy area and planting shrubs between the boulders, this will keep vehicles out of the park making it a safer place for kids to play.
This rainy afternoon, BZ, a couple of volunteers, a big red truck, and a backhoe were in the process of installing the last load of boulders. It was beginning to rain but I did get a picture of the big red truck and the trailer full of boulders. I know my brother and his volunteers were all tired and dirty -- but, they sure looked like they were having fun. I'll post a picture of the finished project after my next trip to Healdton.
Tomorrow -- a 'Derby' celebration !!