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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Saturday Morning - 'Good Stuff'

Community Garage Sale - Healdton, Oklahoma:

Friday night, as my oldest sister, Sue, and I sat up late talking -- we decided that we were going not going to get out early the following morning for the garage/estate sales –- Saturday morning, we would have breakfast, take our time getting dressed and then drive around town mid-morning to check out the sales.

At the time, it was a good plan.

Around 8:30am, our younger sister, Vali, called.

On her way to work at the Library, she had dropped by the garage sale at Miss Pearl’s just across town. Vali told us that we definitely needed to get down there before the ‘good’ stuff was all gone. Sue and I quickly changed out of our pajamas, ran a brush through our hair and headed out the door in a dead-run -- or at least what qualifies for a run for two middle-aged women.

We arrived at Miss Pearl’s garage sale a few minutes later and the stuff was indeed ‘good’. I scored lots of yarn to be used in charity knitting for my Stitcher group. While I was happily rummaging through another box of yarn -- I glanced across the garage and saw a basket on one of the tables that caught my eye. I made my way over and picked up the square basket, turned it over -– it was what I thought -- a medium berry Longaberger Basket and the price was right at only a dime. Very good stuff !

After leaving Miss Pearl’s garage, we dropped by the Library to show Vali our portion of the ‘good stuff’. Of course, while I was there I checked out Library’s ‘Sale Table’ of donated books and picked up four books at .35/each – more good stuff plus it benefits the library. You can’t go wrong with that !

After the library, we picked up Mom and then made stops at more sales -- some with good stuff

  • For me: a blue Train Case to be used to store sewing supplies, a wooden plant stand, a small travel iron for pressing quilt blocks
  • For Mom: a small skillet just like one she had when she and my Daddy were first married and living in St. Louis, MO.

But for most part, the remainder of the garage/estate sales just had more 'stuff' and we ladies were not in the market for stuff of the plain ordinary variety -- we wanted the good stuff.

The picture below shows a portion of our Saturday morning 'good stuff'

Yep, it was a good day for some serious ‘junking’