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60-ish 'child of the prairie' who loves sewing, baking, knitting and most of all -- family & friends.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Things I love . . . . fabric

I don't think I've ever met a piece of cotton fabric I didn't love.

I'm sure my love affair with cotton fabric began when I was very young -- playing at the feet of my Mom as sat at her sewing machine (a huge black Singer that made wonderfully neat stitches).

As Mom would sew and trim clothes for her growing family, she would give me the scraps of fabric to play with - and, those scraps became tiny dresses for my clothespin dolls.

That was the beginning of my love of fabric. All fabrics --- From stripes or solids to florals or polka-dots to retro or geometric prints.

Fabric in shades of pink, yellow, green, red, purple, blue and all color combinations thereof --

Fabric destined to become: tote bags, quilts, aprons or pj pants -- to be 'gifted' to family, friends, or just to myself.

But for awhile, fabric can be just admired, photographed and fondled because it's something I love.