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Friday, June 1, 2007

What I love - - - - spring green

This time of year - the southern plains is totally awash in shades of green.

From the delicate pale green to the deep blue-green.

For the present, green runs the full spectrum -- and, we Oklahomans all enjoy the view -- because we know in a few short months the summer sun will bake all the green to shades of yellow/gold/brown.

But for now we can feast our eyes on green.

Green Pictures:
1st Picture - freshly planted begonias in my Mom/Sister's front yard)
2nd Picture - canas in my yard. This is the second year for this bed of canas and I think they like this location.
3rd Picture - our back lawn, the grass hasn't been cut for over a week due to the rain and the grass really needs a haircut
4th Picture - a small tree that sprouted between our back fence and the wheat field to the north of our house. I confess that I've been watering it because I think something that determined to grow deserves all the help it can get.