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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Billie's Birthday

She was born, Elvia Willie Nordman to William Henry & Annie Mae Nordman -- she grew up in south central Oklahoma on a farm with brothers and sisters.

She married young and she and her new husband, moved to St. Louis, Mo. After December 7th, 1941, her husband like so many other young men, joined the military. A baby girl was on the way and after the Daddy’s military training was over, the new Mom and baby rode a train to see him before he was shipped to the Pacific as a member of the new Army Air Corps.

During the war, this young woman worked in a defense plant – yes, she was a ‘Rosie Riveter’, working on bombers for the war effort. And, when the young man returned from the war; they settled down to raise a family that grew with the addition of a boy and three more girls.

In the following years, there were good times and hard times – but, through it all the woman nurtured and cherished her family. Sewing clothes for the girls, selling her marvelous baked goods and fresh farm butter and eggs to make ends meet -- there was never a lot money -- but there was always room for one more around the table and there was love in the house.

The five children left home one by one, finding their place in the world and grandchildren were added to the family. The sounds of children again filled the woman and man’s house -– and they treasured those first baby steps of this next generation as much, if not more, than they did their own children.

Years passed and suddenly the family mourned the death of the man, the husband and the Daddy. The loss was hard but the remaining family comforted each other and life went on – with grandchild marrying and many great-grandchildren welcomed into the family.

The woman has seen many changes to the world in her lifetime – but, some things she never wants to change. Things such as:
remembering to care for each other in the good times and the bad -- treasuring the time you have with loved ones.

The woman is 82 years old today and I’m very proud she’s my Mom.