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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gardening notes

These little pansies were missed when we cleaned out the side flower bed and now they are very happy blooming in the shade of my day lilies.

In fact, they are doing so well that next year I'm thinking of just leaving the pansies and lilies together because the little purple 'faces; of the panies do look nice against the pale pink and green of the lilies.

Every year I've tried something different in this style of footed pot (given to me by my dear friend Linda) -- some plants did well, some did not.

This year's candidate is an old-fashioned plant my Mom calls 'Rose Moss' or 'Purslane'. It blooms in the morning and butterflies love this plant (and my cats love watching the butterflies from the living room windows). Orange and yellow blooms are the colors for this year and this Summer, we will see if this is the plant for this pot.

Rose work: most of my roses bloom through out the season, which means that 'dead-heading' is a fact of life this time of year. Every week, I pull on my gardening gloves, clean my off-set cutters and go to work.

My work basket will be filled numerous times and my arms will have more than a scratch or two -- but, when my roses reward me with another bloom cycle - it's worth it.