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Monday, June 11, 2007

A 'Wicked' fun day !

For Mother's Day this year my daughter, Jessika, presented me with tickets to the Broadway play, WICKED. She had a chance to see the play in Chicago last summer; and, she announced that she would be taking me to see it whenever it came to Oklahoma.
This past Saturday was the date and we had a stupendius and amazinating time! (And, if you have had the opportunity to see the play, you will understand the words in italics. They are truly ozmopolitan forms of adverbs !)

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Our day began with lunch here:

Nonna's / Painted Door in Bricktown/OKC - a restaurant in the middle of our amazing Bricktown center of OKC. This area is filled with many neat restaurants/pubs, a new ballpark, and a canal (complete with water taxis) running through the entire area. We joined three of Jessika's former college classmates and their Moms for nice long lunch, chatting and laughing our way through dishes almost too pretty to eat.

We then made our way to the Civic Center and saw this - a perfect 'photo op' !! (I know I'm very biased - but, I think my daughter is just beautiful!)

In this building, for over two hours (that really seemed too short) we were transported to the wonderful, mystifying land of OZ.

I loved my lunch and my short visit to OZ, via the sets, the actors, the story and the songs. But, most of all I treasured my time with Jessika on that day. Thank you my little girl -- it was a most memorifying day !!