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Monday, August 27, 2007

Flower Bed by Willie Jay

Gardening is always a 'work in progress' - - with that said - - our backyard has been in 'progress' for over 4 years now.

Roses bushes, iris, lilies were planted where ever it was easier to dig - - - some plants flourished and some didn't.

The lack of any order in the back yard is my fault -- no patience at all -- just want to get things in the ground.
Last week, my dear husband decided to work in the back yard - -
there has been progress and it's looks very fine indeed !!
Just wish I had taken some 'before' pictures so you could see
the miraculous difference Williy Jay wrought with his own two hands
(and, some supplies from Home Depot !)
The new flower bed looked even better after it was all tidied up -
but, I couldn't wait to take a picture - -
it's that 'no patience' thing again !

P.S. -- see, smaller wrap for my wrist means I can 'sort of ' knit again !!