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Friday, August 24, 2007

Life (and sidewalks) get in the way

Today is the 100th post for my blog, something I'm extremely proud of -- because you see, back in March I had no idea if I would be posting for a few days, weeks, months.

Five months later, I find that I am enjoying this entire blogging thing and hope to continue on for many more posts. But, today my very first post will have to 'stand in' for the post I had planned and the reason will be obvious with the pictures below.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

They say every journey begins with a single step . . . . well, this blog may be more like a giant leap. I'll step off the ledge and see where I land today.

Subject: Rainy Day
That may seem like an ordinary subject; but, when you live on the Southern Plains, rain is a blessing and curse all in one. Some places in the world get gentle rainfalls or a fine mist that covers everything with tiny silvery water droplets. Those descriptions of rain sound so romantic and pretty . . . but, believe me, when it rains here on the prairie we have some of our own colorful descriptions: 'Gulley Washer' 'Toad Strangler' are just two of the ones I can actually print without getting censored. Rain here in Oklahoma is usually an 'all or nothing' type of event filled with noise and flashes of light, nothing gentle here. This morning was no exception: 1.5 inches in 35 minutes with winds of 40 mph (that means that it rains sideways) . . . driving becomes very interesting with those conditions!But, for the most part, we children of the prairie don't complain about the rain this time of year. Instead of grinching/groaning, we thank God because lakes and farm ponds are filling, the winter wheat is greening up, spring flowers are bending almost to ground from the weight of the raindrops . . . everything looks and smells better after a this 'Gulley Washer'. And, we will all try to remember this day and this rain . . . . when August comes and the sky is cloudless, the sun beats down with 100+ temps, the winds are hot and dry . . . . then we will dream about rain.

It's funny that it is now August; and, although we have had some hot/dry weather - this past weekend we also had record rainfall. Which means if I ever run out of things to blog about -- there's always the weather !!
And, the mention of stepping off a ledge in the first paragraph of the above post was prophetic -- see what you get when you don't watch where you are going . . . . . .

Nothing broken -- just nasty sprain and some pulled ligaments. The split will be on for awhile but all in all I was very lucky.

It's not so bad - I can still type (very slowly) and managed to dress myself this morning without help.

Now my hair & makeup?

Let's just say it's not a pretty picture!