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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Shelby, Jackson, and Mr. Frog

Last night I noticed that one of my favorite movies was on the tube and I knew Hubbo would not be interested in watching it again - - - he loves me; but, there's just so many 'chick flicks' that he will endure.
That's when I decided to see if I could doing a little sewing with my wrist after last week's tumble. Gathering fabric, scissors and assorted sewing tools; I began my little sewing project with Shelby and Jackson's all pink wedding - - - -
My little project was being completed as Shelby collapsed into the coma which lead to her tragic death and a very southern funeral - - - - but, her friends/family carried on and their hair held up very well too - - - -

A frog bean-bag for my grandson, Joe --

I predict that Joe and the froggy will be very good friends !! We may have to give him a 'good ole southern name' name like - - -

Bubba or Bobby Joe or Sonny Boy or Nubbin !