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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Stitchers - a blankie & a quilt top

We were a small group on Monday night -- but, as usual, we still managed to do a lot of talking and laughing while we each worked on our projects.

Sherry has started another Baby Blankie in a yarn of many shades of blue/green/purple. She assured us that the pattern is a very easy one to memorize. I may have try this pattern in a scarf first to see if my left-handed brain can actually process it and then get my hands to knit it !

Nancy brought in a pieced small quilt top in the 'Disappearing 9-Patch' block. Can't get over how versatile this block is -- and how different colors totally change the look of the finished quilt top. Nancy will be teaching a class on this block in October at our church - As soon as she displays this example, she should have many students ready to start cutting/piecing and become converts to quilting.

Jane was working on her red hat and she's promised to model the finished product at our next meeting - it's really cute -- sort of like an 'Santa's Elf' hat.

I don't know about the other gals -- but, I left with a lighter spirit after an evening with my Stitcher Friends.