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Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Market

Saturday morning, Hubby and I went out in search for a new (to us) Farmer's Market in Edmond, OK.

Of course our first stop was to grab some breakfast and something cold to drink. On the weekends, I need some cold caffeine to get my day started !

I happily knitted while Willie Jay guided our little car up the Kilpatrick Turnpike -- and, $2.25 in tolls later -- we arrived and I scanned the vendors for late season tomatoes and squash.

A couple of things side-tracked our fresh veggies search:

  • A vendor with bins of hand-made potpourri. Just walking by this table was like taking a stroll in a flower garden.

  • A 1929 Ford truck -- here's Willie Jay checking it out --

The owner transports his fresh produce in this truck every Saturday at a top speed of 34 mph!

Our haul of veggies from morning at the market.