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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The 'Charm' of it all . . . .

A total ignorance of 'Charm Packs' -- I'm blaming it on my almost year long obsession with knitting. How could I have not known that you can buy a neat little stack of pre-cut squares of fabric? My first glimpse of the fabric of a Charm Pack was a last week's Stitchers meeting when a member bought a pieced lap quilt top - - at that moment I just knew I had to have a Charm Pack of my own.
This past Saturday after our visit to the Edmond Farmer's Market -- we made a stop at Oklahoma Quiltworks. Yes, Willie Jay is the kind of husband who will stop by a Quilt Shop or a Yarn Shop -- because he understands and appreciates how many times I've accompanied him into Home Depot or Lowe's for a tool or just to look at plumbing supplies!
At the quilt shop, I purchased my first 'Charm Pack' Allpsice, by Moda; and, I haven't stopped petting/admiring those lovely squares since. I can't tell you how happy it makes me just to look at all those tidy squares prints, all in colors that coordinate and compliment each other.
This pack of fabric squares has totally 'charmed' me. I even took it along to church on Sunday. The women in my Sunday School Class had to hold it and fan through squares, pausing to admire a particular print. There's something about holding fabric in your hands that is a little like daydreaming. You can imagine all sorts of things these squares could become.

Tonight I will actually break the paper band on my 'Charm Pack' and lay all the squares out and start dreaming/planning a baby quilt. I can hardly wait !!