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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Peaceful Oasis

Have you ever had one of those days ?? You know -- the sort of day where everything seems to be a little off ?

When documents that you know you proofed, have a glaring typo on the first page? Or when you seem to have forgotten an important date which means the greeting card you bought just for that date -- wasn't sent on time? In other words -- a day that the gremlins come to pay you a little visit at the office. Yesterday was my 'day' But, I have resolved that today will a better day. I will start my morning off with a little remembrance of an oasis of calm -- where the sound of water flowing can ease your mind.
This day I will resolve to maintain a positive mood and perhaps the gremlins from yesterday will not return. Or at least that is my plan. However, if those 'hairy little mischief-makers' do make an appearance today -- maybe I can project a image in my mind of feeding them to this pretty guy - - -

And, if he needs help in dispatching the gremlins --

he has many brothers/sisters to assist him!!

Note: I would like to thank my brother and sister-in-law for the images of their amazing Peaceful Koi Pond --

But, I suppose I should warn them that they might see some splashing around today in the pond -- I've heard that koi like to 'play' with their food before actually eating it !!