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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Summer Birthday

This past weekend I traveled south for a family visit - part of that visit included celebrating the 2nd birthday of a very cute little girl - Mabry.

The party was all things 'Strawberry Shortcake' -- this cake took 'center-stage' and was created by Mabry's Grammie, who just happens to be my baby sister. Pretty talented in cake-decorating business if I do say so myself -- and, it was delicious too !!

There were gifts to unwrap --
  • some gifts brought squeals of delight (such as the half dozen play high-heels )
  • some were simply passed over to Mommy (these would be of the clothes variety).
From my observation, I think Mabry had great fun just opening the gifts -- something about tearing into brightly colored paper is very satisfying to a toddler.

But the real fun came last,
as all the cousins and friends of the birthday girl all enjoyed this - - -

With a heat index hovering around 100 degrees --
this was the perfect end to a Summer Birthday !!