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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Busy Hands . . . .

Lots of 'Stitching' hands have been busy lately -- just take a look

Jane's Red Hat -- everyone totally agrees that we love this hat! The different yarns just make it and Jane did a great job on this one. By the way, I in awe of Jane and her ability to make/knit hats with those dreaded double-pointed needles of doom -- she's a brave woman !

Another member, Sherry, just finished a really cool scarf. Just check out her 'Multi-Directional Scarf' - knitted in a wool/soy yarn blend - it's so pretty knitting with variegated yarn.

Sherry says it's an easy knit once you get in the groove of the pattern -- maybe I should tell her that 'grooving' is probably not one of my talents ?? She may have to hold my hand to get me started on this knitting pattern.

Carol brought two small quilts made out of Charm Packets of pre-cut squares. They are both really stunning:

This quilt made with bright prints is the Disappearing 9-Patch -- the pieced border that really sets off this quilt. I just wish my camera had captured the true colors of clear yellows, blues, pinks, purples.
I loved Carol's second quilt in brown/blue/orange quilt -- it reminds me of Autumn

My 'Stitching' sisters truly inspired me and with a bit of luck --

I'll have some things of my own to show next week !