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Monday, September 10, 2007

Late Summer Flowers

Normally this time of year on the Southern Plains -- the only blooms you will find are those on the crepe myrtles. But, this year is our 2nd wettest year on record -- which means that we have green plants and blossoms everywhere.

Just a few of the blooms found during my weekend visit to Healdton.

Mom calls this a 'Butterfly Bush' and she has it growing in two flowerbeds. I've tired twice to get a start of this plant -- but, so far I've had no luck. Mom says it's because I thank her for the plant and that dooms it. That may be an 'old wives' tale -- but, next time I try, I'll make sure not the say 'thank you' !

This vine I'm sure has a different name - but, I just call it 'that purple bean' vine because of the color of the bean pods formed after the blooms die.

And, my very favorite -- Morning Glories.

As long as I can remember, my Mom has grown this old-fashioned flower and this year was a very good year for the 'glories'